3D FaceFrame eyebrows were originally invented for cancer patients, people with alopecia or permanent scaring who have little or no eyebrow hair. They are becoming more and more popular to people who also want fuller thicker brows.

3D FaceFrame is ideal for anyone who is wanting to enhance their natural brows or frame their face. It really is a fantastic and simple process. It is the application of hairs that are fixed directly onto the skin. This provides a bespoke three dimensional design to the brow.

3D Eyebrows are ideal for creating a thicker brow, lengthening and defining your facial features. They are suitable for any age group, skin type or occasion. Weather it is just for a wedding or special occasion these eyebrows are perfect.

FaceFrame eyebrows are waterproof, moisture proof and last up to 14 days depending on skin type, as long as aftercare is followed. Faceframe3D is not an eyelash glue – it’s tailor-made for to achieve long lasting, professional results.

Laura has been fully trained in the latest technique of FraceFrame eyebrows. Laura will answer any questions you may have an will also talk you through the whole process so you can be assured you are in safe hands. Laura has also many years experience in semi-permanent makeup she uses her skills in eyebrow tattooing to create the perfect shaped eyebrows.

For more information or to book in please call the salon on 01772 930415. Please note a skin test is required 48 hour before treatment, we are offering free consultations call now to book.

We are the only salon locally to be offering 3D Faceframe eyebrows.

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