Brazilian Blow Drys

This treatment comes from Brazil, the treatment transforms hair by using a naturally scoured Keratin that penetrates the hair to repair the internal damage. It then coats the hair to prevent any further damage, this provides a smooth, silky and straight hair.

The treatment reconditions and protects hair from water and heat damage, whilst restoring natural shine. Keratin has such amazing results because Keratin is the main protein of the hair. The way the treatment is applied and the straightening process makes sure that the Keratin and moisture are sealed into the hair cuticle.

The treatment has a number of other advantages, unlike other methods the Brazilian Blow Dry straightens hair in a way that does not cause damage.

Once you have had the treatment managing and caring for your hair becomes minimal as this reduces the amount of blow drying and styling that is required for the following months. You will notice that you hair will have improved, you will see this in the rain, humid conditions and even when you sweat!

Everyone is different, the results last between two and four months, results are visible straight after treatment.

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