Individual Eyelashes, are ideal for those wanting eyelash extensions for a short period of time. This makes them ideal for special occasions for examples weddings and birthdays.

Have you ever wanted to create a dynamic impact promised by the latest mascara adverts only to find its just another mascara? Were you disappointed with their impression that you would have longer lashes? Well its time you came to Love Hair & Beauty and try our individual lashes. There is no fancy gimmicks, with Love Hair & Beauty’s individual Eyelashes, you simply get the longer lashes and everyone you know will say so!

These lashes are applied with a small amount of black eyelash glue and placed on top of your natural lashes at the route.

They come in 3 different thicknesses short medium and long the price is the same for any length you choose, price varies on thickness and the amount of lashes used to create the look you want.

Natural look £15, more glam thicker look £20, you can mix up the different lengths to create any look you desire!

Individual Eyelashes Treatment time is approx 20mins, Individual eyelashes will last up to 1 week if after care is followed and top ups available prices vary on the amount needed removals are advised in salon to avoid any damage to your natural lashes.