Q. What are LD Brows?

A. LD Brows is a name Laura, one of our salon owners, created for her own special method of creating perfectly defined brows. The “LD” stands for Laura’s Defined. Laura also specialise in semi-permanent makeup with her experience in eyebrow tattoos she can advise you of the best shape for your face.  LD Brows enhance your facial features and give you that celebrity look at realist prices.

Q. Do I have to let my eyebrows grow?

A. Yes, prior to any waxing, hair should be left to grow for a minimum of 7-10 days. This will help achieve the best results for shaping.

Q. Do I need a skin test before the treatment?

A. Yes, you need a tint test 12 hours before treatment if you have not had tints before.

Q. How is the treatment performed?

A. We paint on your chosen shape and colour to suit you. We leave the paint on then wax, tweeze, trim and shape

Q. I am not sure what shape that will suit me?

A. Do not worry we will give you advice on the best shape for your face.

Q. How long will my appointment last?

A. About 20/25 minutes we  leave the colour/tint on for 20 minutes then then wax, tweeze, trim and shape

Q. How long will LD Brows Last?

A. They will last up to two weeks, as long as aftercare is followed.

Q. How much are they?

A. They are £15, or £9 for stain only.

Q. Do you have some examples of LD Brows?

A. 29 28 41