Why get hair extensions?

Hair extensions have been become  a girl’s best friend (as well as diamonds), especially when it comes to creating fuller hair. If you are not acquainted with hair extensions and are still questioning getting them, then read some of the reasons why people get extensions below:

Reason 1 – Length

Not only do hair extensions provide added volume and thickness, they can also give you longer hair, too. Depending on which length you choose, hair extensions can add inches to your hair’s natural length. This is amazing for girls who are impatient or whose hair just does not seem to grow! Hair extensions can only work on hair that’s at least three inches long as any shorter. Any shorter will make it a difficult task to blend and hide the tell tale signs of extensions being worn.

Reason 2 – Thicker hair

The first reason to get hair extensions is to thicken up your hair. If you have not been bless with thick locks and have limp locks, then hair extensions are an easy way to fake thicker hair and give you more hair to play around with. Also, with hair extensions, styling becomes a lot easier, as thick hair tends to hold curls much better than fine hair.

Reason 3 – Volume

There’s no denying that hair extensions give you that unbelievable body and volume like no amount of backcombing can achieve. If voluminous and body are what you’re longing for, then this is definitely one reason why you should get hair extensions!

Reason 4 – Shade

If you have been pondering over the idea of adding highlights to your hair but don’t actually want to commit to dyeing your own, then you can achieve a whole host of colours with hair extensions! If you don’t want highlights with your extensions your stylist can dye and cut them with your hair to get the most natural look possible!

Reason 5 – Enhancing your own hair

Whether you want just that extra bit of thickness or length, hair extensions are great for enhancing your own natural hair. Depending on the method you choose, temporary hair extensions are a miracle when it comes to achieving that celebrity-inspired hairstyle you’ve been wanting to recreate for some time, as they can be dyed and styled with heat to blend in with your own hair. Plus, they’re a godsend for when we want big, glamorous hair on the weekend, too!

Reason 6 – Try different hairstyles

Don’t know if a fringe or long locks will suit you? Then the best way to test out that hairstyle is to give hair extensions a go. This is the most easiest way of experimenting with different hairstyles and seeing which styles suit you best, before heading for the chop or committing to months of growing your hair past your shoulders. So, if you’ve been pondering on the idea of having a fringe or would love to be able to have a fuller, thicker ponytail, then Love Hair & Beauty’s hair extensions are definitely worth a try!

After covering the reasons as to why it might be a good idea to get hair extensions, hopefully we have persuaded you just how amazing hair extensions are- even if we do say so ourselves 😉

If you would like any further information or to book in for hair extensions please call the salon on 01772 930415.